We create, build and host all our games in-house. We call it concept to completion. We even host customer services for our games in our 300 seat contact centre. Our team creates, designs and builds games seamlessly for desktop, tablet, mobile and app to deliver the same optimised performance however players choose to interact. Live scoring, betting integration and fast score updates are a feature of our games. Our platforms are robust and capable of receiving massive traffic spikes without performance wavering.

Dual replication of our data centres in Colchester and London, which are both served by 1Gb private pipes and linked via a 1Gb private pipe, gives us immense flexibility and capability to manage load across our banks of virtual servers.

Dealing with over 4 million players of multiple games demands a robust technology platform. We take no chances and build in massive redundancy across our platforms so that players can interact with our games whenever they choose and right up to critical game start times.