Our People

  • Head of technical infrastructure. Extensive experience in managing exceptional traffic spikes - never owned a pair himself though.

    Noel Murphy

    Head of IT

  • Almost 20 years' service completed and can honestly say does a lot for charity, as clients include Children In Need and Comic Relief. Enjoys clay pigeon shooting, as long as they don't shoot back.

    Rob McLaughlin

    IT Project Manager

  • Works behind the scenes, likes to tinker with servers, sometimes writes Haikus.

    Laurence Morgan

    Systems Administrator

  • Covers many areas of the business, from database design to score calculations, emails and reports.  As they say, Jack of all trades, master of...no, wait!

    Craig Rundle

    Database Analyst

  • From Mechanical Design Engineer to Graphic Design, reckons he's the one behind the scenes keeping it all working. Also claims to have broad shoulders but does not know Stacey.

    Gavin Cheal

    Analyst Programmer

  • Freddie Bostock

    Junior Applications Developer

  • Started working on fantasy games when the only way you could play was via phone, post or carrier pigeon. Claims to have been living in a shoebox with 150 others at the time.

    Ray Carter

    Senior Digital Developer

  • Code warrior and Harley rider. Too many years of software development, in a number of languages. Another one of the seniors that is kept locked away in a back room.

    Rob Whent

    Senior Digital Developer

  • South African born rugby and cricket fan actually won a Fantasy game - Cricinfo's Fantasy tournament between New Zealand and England.  Recently taken a fancy to the “beautiful game”

    Chris de Kock

    Senior Frontend Developer

  • A unique designer/developer hybrid that keeps intuitive user interfaces and user experience at the top of his priority list. Rarely seen without a hat.

    Cerven Cotter

    UX Lead

  • Alister Cooper

    Android Developer

  • Dabbles in front and back-end functionality, likes to be pixel perfect and can often be found wandering around a museum in a foreign country.

    Gary Luck

    Web Developer

  • Chris Pipe

    Web Developer

  • Jon Taylor

    Frontend Developer

  • Joined in September 2014 after graduating from university.  Enjoys creating websites and fantasy games, despite being outnumbered as the only female on the team!

    Carla Pepper

    Frontend Developer

  • Creative chap who is the resident expert for anything on two wheels and when not at his desk designing can be found exploring country roads by bike clad in lycra.

    Dan Cross

    Senior Designer

  • Graduated from Bournemouth University before joining the design team in 2014. Resident desk drummer in the office band.

    Ryan Field